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February 9, 2010

Life’s Death

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Staring at the ceiling,
Knowing it’s the last you’ll see,
Breathing in the last breath,
That you know you’re gonna breathe.

Taking in the final sounds,
Before you’ll hear no more,
Touching the last of warmth,
Like you’ve never touched it before,

The last thoughts of life,
Idle at the edge of your mind,
Lingering on all the memories,
That your soul can find.

And with the touch of eternity,
Drifting around your heart,
You’ve discovered that in truth,
This is just the start.


September 25, 2008

Lost Road

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Is there something I don’t understand?
Is there a route that can’t be found,
I am stuck here in the darkness,
I can hardly see the ground,

I know the path I walked to get here,
Though I knew it was incorrect,
There were signs that said “Don’t go here”
Yet still that road I did select.

Now I don’t know my way out,
Now the Good Road is obscure,
So, yet again, I need a guide,
Of this I am sure.

I need a lamp for my feet,
I need a guide to show me where,
With many roads to choose from,
My life is in disrepair.

But now I think I’ve made the right choice,
I chose one called Son of Man,
And should I face another problem,
Defeat it, I know He can.

He’s the one who conquered death,
And chose to defy His very grave,
After securing my eternity,
I am assured that he can save.

Because when I look back,
I will see,
An empty cross,
Staring back at me.

For it was there,
That Christ had died,
To bring me home,
Where He resides.

So now it’s clear,
Where I should be,
And I’ll follow that road,
To eternity.

April 24, 2008

The Faith

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I sent you out,
To look for sheep,
To tend the broken,
And take faith’s leap.

Yet you’ve left me here,
You’ve walked away,
And it is there,
You plan to stay.

Sometimes you realize,
That you’ve forgotten me,
You turn around,
And then you see,

That I never left,
I followed you,
I stayed so close,
Like I always do.

They say that history,
Tends to repeat,
Just ask Israel,
They should remember My feat.

So ask yourself this question,
You, humanity as a whole,
What is your purpose?
What is your goal?

Why do you ignore,
That which stares in your face?
The exact same One,
Who put you in this place?

How do you avoid Me,
When My Son has been there?
How do you forget,
All of My care?

I’ve promised you so much,
Yet you cannot believe,
Is it that you can’t comprehend,
Or you cannot perceive?

I’ve done all I could,
Until the end of days,
So why don’t you leap,
You might be amazed.

March 9, 2008


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Gone are the metaphors,
That graze up’on diction,
As well as the climaxes,
That float up’on fiction.

Lost are the allusions,
Reaching like a tree,
The one thing you will find,
Is this lone simile.

Meter’s still loose,
As well as rhyme,
But soon they’ll be forgotten,
All in good time.

Tone will atrophy,
Theme cannot be found,
So if you think you’ve found one,
It surely isn’t sound.

By the end of this poem,
Nothing will be here,
I will render language feeble,
And words shall cry.

August 23, 2007

My Walk

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Born in a world with confusion,
Sent from the One with a plan,
Little did I know my role,
To always do the best I can.

Growing and learning to live my life,
To become what I’d one day be,
To show the world what I can do,
And see all I can see.

As the years pass I learn,
The evils and the good,
My world begins changing,
Just as all worlds should.

I can see in different colors,
I’m told which ones to pick,
But without a guide to show me,
The path is rough and slick,

I’ve never heard of “Saviors,”
I’ve never heard of “Truth,”
But soon his Word would find me,
And be my eternal sleuth.

At first I was unsure,
The talk seemed distant and vague,
The idea of God on Earth,
Curing the blind and plague?

The more I started to listen,
And with the fellowship I had,
The more Christ seemed real,
And less like a fad.

As life went on I grew,
And my heart made some room,
For now my soul was freed,
And replaced the death and doom.

The Son was part of me,
The Father was a friend,
And now the Holy Spirit,
Would guide me to the end.

Life goes on and years go by,
My faith begins to sprout,
With every trial I face,
I’ll eventually become devout.

Death of close ones digs in my skin,
Harsh words still will slice,
Temptations leap and dive at me,
And not everyone is nice.

I see my family grow,
My world continues its change,
My role in life is different,
But His plans won’t rearrange.

Worries still afflict me,
Problems continue on,
Yet even though things get tough,
My faith is never gone.

My kids have left to lead their lives,
I’ve nothing more to do,
Just let them go and carry on,
My Savior’ll see me through.

I’m aged now and I’m all I have,
My family’s departed or away,
Yet He’s chosen to keep me here,
So here is where I’ll stay.

I’m very old now and hanging on,
I can’t do much alone,
All I’ve got left to do,
Is remember the life I’ve known.

As I reminisce my life,
I cry while I pray,
I slowly drift into space,
As my life slides away.

What a glorious walk with my God,
Through the joys and despairs,
With Grace I watch the Valley of Death,
Transform itself to stairs.

Copyright Josh Brandenstein 2007. All rights reserved.

June 18, 2007


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Days fade,
Nights alight,
But your vision,
Has endless sight.

Months erase,
Years go by,
But Your love,
Will never die.

Lives end,
Nations fall,
But Your disciples,
Will answer the call.

When it comes to You,
No bond will sever,
For the great I Am,
Is forever.

June 7, 2007

The Word

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In the beginning was the Word,
And since the Word is all,
Maybe the power of words,
Isn’t so small.

Imagine Babel’s Tower,
And how high it soared,
When we spoke new tongues,
And created discord.

The word is strong,
For He’s a part of life,
When pen vs. sword,
It crushes the knife,

When we detail our world,
What do we use?
Words alone,
We cannot choose.

For Jesus healed the deaf and blind,
Because they’d not seen nor heard,
This strength and wisdom:
In the beginning was the Word.

June 6, 2007

Wolf’s Eyes

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Upon a time,
There was a curse,
Sealed with rhyme,
And nothing’s worse,

It tells the tale,
Of a wolf of fear,
Who’s chilling wail,
Resounds in the ear,

So listen well,
And do not whine,
For the wolf from Hell,
Is a story of mine,

This wolf was born,
As most wolves are,
Yet he was torn,
From his family afar,

Taken by man,
To do his will,
To what he can,
Or be treated as nil,

He was maimed and scarred,
Beaten and battered,
Lived a life hard,
Like he never mattered,

Until the night,
Of his believed demise,
In a terrible fight,
Became food of flies,

Seemingly forgotten,
By the ruthless men,
Carcass rotten,
Yet rising again,

They say he was fine,
Not ever have died,
But without a spine,
He couldn’t ‘ve survived

The body vanished,
Yet the spirit remained,
Forever banished,
Afterlife detained,

Bloodthirsty now,
It prowls the dark,
Not caring how,
Devoid of remark,

Malicious and vicious,
It searches for meat,
And has found delicious,
The human treat,

They lie asleep,
Unknowingly victim,
The demon-wolf will creep,
Knowing why it picked ‘em,

It cuts their throats,
To muffle their cry,
Then, it totes,
Them away to die,

Hunters have tried,
To follow the tracks,
Yet their efforts’re denied,
With no hint to attacks,

For these obvious befuddles,
It leaves no blood,
‘Cause it drinks the puddles,
Trackers efforts a dud,

It leaves no trail,
For what people know most,
Is that you will fail,
When tracking a ghost

I warned you of this,
For behind you lies,
The black abyss,
Of hungry red eyes

May 17, 2007


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Captured, Confused
Nobody there,
To see inside.

Scratching, Clawing,
Digging around,
Attacking our hearts,
Without a sound.

Negative words,
Escape through the air,
What do we do,
With nobody there?

Forced to adapt,
No time to heal,
When will our words,
Begin to feel?

Emotions run high,
Frustrations emerge,
Thoughts to fix,
To crush or to purge.

Such dark outlooks,
Such colorless views,
How do we respond,
To this shady news?

We don’t – We sit,
We wait things out,
Apathy seems to,
Be what we’re about,

When will the Sword,
Blind us with light?
When will our hopes,
Come true without fight?

They won’t – They don’t
And that is why,
We stand up, demand up,
And grab at the sky.

For above is His answer,
An answer that we,
Can rise from the pit,
And are fin’ly set free.

October 20, 2006


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What’s broken,
Can be fixed,
What’s different,
Can be mixed.

What’s torn,
Can be mended,
So our journey,
Hasn’t ended.

The lost,
Can be found,
The deaf,
Can hear sound.

The dead,
Aren’t forever gone,
So our mission,
Continues on.

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