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September 25, 2008

Lost Road

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Is there something I don’t understand?
Is there a route that can’t be found,
I am stuck here in the darkness,
I can hardly see the ground,

I know the path I walked to get here,
Though I knew it was incorrect,
There were signs that said “Don’t go here”
Yet still that road I did select.

Now I don’t know my way out,
Now the Good Road is obscure,
So, yet again, I need a guide,
Of this I am sure.

I need a lamp for my feet,
I need a guide to show me where,
With many roads to choose from,
My life is in disrepair.

But now I think I’ve made the right choice,
I chose one called Son of Man,
And should I face another problem,
Defeat it, I know He can.

He’s the one who conquered death,
And chose to defy His very grave,
After securing my eternity,
I am assured that he can save.

Because when I look back,
I will see,
An empty cross,
Staring back at me.

For it was there,
That Christ had died,
To bring me home,
Where He resides.

So now it’s clear,
Where I should be,
And I’ll follow that road,
To eternity.


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