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April 24, 2008

The Faith

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I sent you out,
To look for sheep,
To tend the broken,
And take faith’s leap.

Yet you’ve left me here,
You’ve walked away,
And it is there,
You plan to stay.

Sometimes you realize,
That you’ve forgotten me,
You turn around,
And then you see,

That I never left,
I followed you,
I stayed so close,
Like I always do.

They say that history,
Tends to repeat,
Just ask Israel,
They should remember My feat.

So ask yourself this question,
You, humanity as a whole,
What is your purpose?
What is your goal?

Why do you ignore,
That which stares in your face?
The exact same One,
Who put you in this place?

How do you avoid Me,
When My Son has been there?
How do you forget,
All of My care?

I’ve promised you so much,
Yet you cannot believe,
Is it that you can’t comprehend,
Or you cannot perceive?

I’ve done all I could,
Until the end of days,
So why don’t you leap,
You might be amazed.


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