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August 23, 2007

My Walk

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Born in a world with confusion,
Sent from the One with a plan,
Little did I know my role,
To always do the best I can.

Growing and learning to live my life,
To become what I’d one day be,
To show the world what I can do,
And see all I can see.

As the years pass I learn,
The evils and the good,
My world begins changing,
Just as all worlds should.

I can see in different colors,
I’m told which ones to pick,
But without a guide to show me,
The path is rough and slick,

I’ve never heard of “Saviors,”
I’ve never heard of “Truth,”
But soon his Word would find me,
And be my eternal sleuth.

At first I was unsure,
The talk seemed distant and vague,
The idea of God on Earth,
Curing the blind and plague?

The more I started to listen,
And with the fellowship I had,
The more Christ seemed real,
And less like a fad.

As life went on I grew,
And my heart made some room,
For now my soul was freed,
And replaced the death and doom.

The Son was part of me,
The Father was a friend,
And now the Holy Spirit,
Would guide me to the end.

Life goes on and years go by,
My faith begins to sprout,
With every trial I face,
I’ll eventually become devout.

Death of close ones digs in my skin,
Harsh words still will slice,
Temptations leap and dive at me,
And not everyone is nice.

I see my family grow,
My world continues its change,
My role in life is different,
But His plans won’t rearrange.

Worries still afflict me,
Problems continue on,
Yet even though things get tough,
My faith is never gone.

My kids have left to lead their lives,
I’ve nothing more to do,
Just let them go and carry on,
My Savior’ll see me through.

I’m aged now and I’m all I have,
My family’s departed or away,
Yet He’s chosen to keep me here,
So here is where I’ll stay.

I’m very old now and hanging on,
I can’t do much alone,
All I’ve got left to do,
Is remember the life I’ve known.

As I reminisce my life,
I cry while I pray,
I slowly drift into space,
As my life slides away.

What a glorious walk with my God,
Through the joys and despairs,
With Grace I watch the Valley of Death,
Transform itself to stairs.

Copyright Josh Brandenstein 2007. All rights reserved.


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