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June 6, 2007

Wolf’s Eyes

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Upon a time,
There was a curse,
Sealed with rhyme,
And nothing’s worse,

It tells the tale,
Of a wolf of fear,
Who’s chilling wail,
Resounds in the ear,

So listen well,
And do not whine,
For the wolf from Hell,
Is a story of mine,

This wolf was born,
As most wolves are,
Yet he was torn,
From his family afar,

Taken by man,
To do his will,
To what he can,
Or be treated as nil,

He was maimed and scarred,
Beaten and battered,
Lived a life hard,
Like he never mattered,

Until the night,
Of his believed demise,
In a terrible fight,
Became food of flies,

Seemingly forgotten,
By the ruthless men,
Carcass rotten,
Yet rising again,

They say he was fine,
Not ever have died,
But without a spine,
He couldn’t ‘ve survived

The body vanished,
Yet the spirit remained,
Forever banished,
Afterlife detained,

Bloodthirsty now,
It prowls the dark,
Not caring how,
Devoid of remark,

Malicious and vicious,
It searches for meat,
And has found delicious,
The human treat,

They lie asleep,
Unknowingly victim,
The demon-wolf will creep,
Knowing why it picked ‘em,

It cuts their throats,
To muffle their cry,
Then, it totes,
Them away to die,

Hunters have tried,
To follow the tracks,
Yet their efforts’re denied,
With no hint to attacks,

For these obvious befuddles,
It leaves no blood,
‘Cause it drinks the puddles,
Trackers efforts a dud,

It leaves no trail,
For what people know most,
Is that you will fail,
When tracking a ghost

I warned you of this,
For behind you lies,
The black abyss,
Of hungry red eyes


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