Got Some Words Here…

May 17, 2007


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Captured, Confused
Nobody there,
To see inside.

Scratching, Clawing,
Digging around,
Attacking our hearts,
Without a sound.

Negative words,
Escape through the air,
What do we do,
With nobody there?

Forced to adapt,
No time to heal,
When will our words,
Begin to feel?

Emotions run high,
Frustrations emerge,
Thoughts to fix,
To crush or to purge.

Such dark outlooks,
Such colorless views,
How do we respond,
To this shady news?

We don’t – We sit,
We wait things out,
Apathy seems to,
Be what we’re about,

When will the Sword,
Blind us with light?
When will our hopes,
Come true without fight?

They won’t – They don’t
And that is why,
We stand up, demand up,
And grab at the sky.

For above is His answer,
An answer that we,
Can rise from the pit,
And are fin’ly set free.


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